Community Service & Engagement (CSE)

The Community Service & Engagement (CSE) at LAU aims to provide LAU students and student recipients of USAID scholarship grants with the tools, opportunities, and guidance needed to not only excel academically but also become active, compassionate, and socially responsible leaders within their communities and the world at large.

CSE serves as the driving force behind fostering a culture of community engagement throughout the LAU community. We provide innovative and immersive programming that encourages LAU students to explore the diverse landscapes of their nation while contributing to meaningful causes. This experiential learning is not just an addendum; it’s a vital facet of the LAU academic journey.

Join us in shaping compassionate pioneers dedicated to making a profound impact in their communities. Discover how CSE at LAU transforms students into engaged citizens, equipping them with the skills and empathy needed to build a better tomorrow.

How will CSE transform my experience?