Community Service & Engagement (CSE)

Capacity Building

Soft Skills Series (SSS)

In coordination with the Offices of the Dean of Students, CSE initiated the Soft Skills Series (SSS) in July 2017, spanning across both campuses. These transformative workshops serve as a dynamic catalyst for LAU students, empowering them to cultivate and refine essential soft skills through engaging and enlightening forums, ensuring they are well-equipped for a future of success and leadership.

LEE - Learning and Experience Education

The LEE- Learning & Experience Education program stands as a dynamic response to the ever-evolving needs of today’s youth, encompassing both essential soft skills and cutting-edge digital capabilities. This intensive, focused, and short-term learning initiative is designed to arm students with a precise set of life skills directly aligned with their career ambitions and academic pursuits. Moreover, it serves as a bridge to forge invaluable community-networking connections between participants, esteemed field experts (LAU Faculty), and LAU’s vibrant student body.